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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

I have accepted both of the policies and I am still not able to check out?

Click on the subscriptions button and ensure that you have added the Skate Canada Fee to all of the skaters. This is the insurance fee that is required for each participant. So ensure you have added it for each skater.

Have you selected the Skate Canada Ticket Book subscription this is also required 1 for each family.

What if I am unsure about which program I am to sign my child up for ?

Based on the descriptions of each program choose which one will fit your child best. Do not fill out your registration cheque until one of the registraition nights and add a comment in the comment box at check out that you are unsure and we will have a look before you complete your cheque on registration night.

If you are a returning member from 2017-2018 We have noted the level your child should register in within your member account. Please follow these instructions: #1 log in to your account #2 click on then participant tab #3 click on the participant #4 click on message board and there is a note telling you what level to register in (you will have to click on each participant to find out each skater’s level)

Power Skating, STARSkate and some RISING Star participants this information has not been updated.

Multiple Family Accounts

If there are multiple families per participant and you would like to have invoice's etc. paid on different accounts we can do that. Please have each family set up their own family account but, only one of you add the skater(s) as participants. Once this is done please email the club and we will merge your family accounts together so that you will see your participant but, invoices and payments will be sent to seperate accounts including the tax receipts.

Are you a Senior, Intermediate or Junior Non-Club Member that is here to guest skate or join our Early Skate season?

You will need to set up a family account just like our club registrants but, please advise of which club that you are currently registered at so that we know you have already paid your insurance fee elsewhere and then we will discount the Skate Canada fee from your registration.