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                Skate Ontario Policies


Clinton Skating Club is a member of Skate Ontario / Skate Canada. We follow their standards and policies. For each policy, please click the name of the policy to find out more information. 


Code of Conduct

An outline of the expectations with regards to providing a safe sport environment in which all individuals and groups are treated with respect and dignity in an environment valuing diversity, equity and inclusion.  There is a zero-tolerance policy at all times, with the expectation of appropriate behaviour consistent with Skate Ontario’s Vision, Mission and Values.

- Concussion Policy

A policy aimed at creating awareness to help prevent injuries and appropriately manage any suspected or diagnosed concussions.

- Removal from Sport Protocol

An outline of the process in case of injury and the removal of the skater from the ice.

- Return to Sport Protocol

And outline of the process in the case of a skater returning to training following a concussion.

Return to Play Form

Form to be submitted when a skater is returning to Sport.

- Accessibility Policy

A policy outlining our intentions to respect the independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity for all persons with disabilities.

- Anti-Doping Policy

A policy outlining our unequivocal opposition to the practice of doping in sport on ethical, medical and legal grounds. 

- Confidentiality Policy

A policy to ensure that confidential information will not be divulged to anyone other than those who are authorized to receive such information.

- Conflict of Interest Policy

A policy adopted to address the need for the club to avoid conflict of interest at all levels.

- Inclusion Policy

Designed to create equitable, diverse, inclusive, and barrier-free environments where every stakeholder feels values, respected, accepted and supported.

- Privacy Policy

Outlining the respect and protection of your privacy.

- Screening Policy

The screening of personnel and volunteers as an important part of providing a safe environment among sports organizations which deliver programs and services to youth. 

- Social Media Policy

All representatives of the club are required to exercise good judgment in their use of social media and conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner when contributing and interacting in the Club’s online spaces.